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The Journey Is The Destination.

This is a great quote that lives on my most favorite top. yes you have read that right. This quote is written across mt T-shirt. every time i wear the top i have a constant reminder that the journey i take is the destination.

i believe it means that what ever happens in our life, what ever pops its head around the corner and shouts BOO, what ever journey we endure will be our destination. When the journey stops, whether that be the journey of life, the journey to the chosen carrier or the Journey to the fridge for that matter, will determine our destination.  But if the journey never ends then the destination is the present. whatever you are doing right now is the destination and when the journey starts again then the destination changes. therefore we are the drivers. We chose the destination.

i know what i have just said probably sounds all messed up but that’s my view on what i think that the quote means.

i would love to know what you guys think it means. leave a comment and say what you think. Everyone interprets things differently and i want to know your views.

And Remember

Always be who you are 😀


Like many other people i have made a blog because of my love of writing. i may not be the best at spelling or at Grammar but my love of writing doesn’t stop me.

I am also making this Blog for another purpose. It is to help. I want this blog to allow people to have an escapism from what ever it may be that they are facing. Whether it be something simple and small or something that is turning there life upside down.

You may be thinking why is this person writing this. And i bet some of you that are reading this are so i’m going to tell you.

One day i was going about my life. i was on Facebook, wasting time that could of been spent doing something productive, and i came across a page. I will not name the page because i don’t have permission of them (but i will ask for it so that you can check it out.)

This is a page where you can  go to tell your story, to seek help if you are going through a time of hardship. I thought what these people are doing is amazing. the people who go on the page are total strangers but they are taking the time out of there own lives to be an ear for someone who need to share without being judged.

It totally amazed me. It made me decided that i want to help. Be there for people who need someone to talk to, a distraction, an escapism.

This blog is the result of my idea to help (or at least try to help)

I hope you read more of my blogs and remember

Always be who you are 😀