The question that haunts you as you grow older.

“what do you want to do when you grow up?”

it is phrased differently depending on the age of the questioned. its a question that no one can escape.

when you are young and get asked the question any answer is acceptable. A pirate, princess, singer, astronaut…………………….the list goes on. These answers are acceptable because you are young and innocent looking and no one takes what you say seriously.

But at the age of 15/16 it seems that you have to know what your ambition in life is and you need to have a career planned out for the next 40 or so years. When picking GCSEs and A-levels they are classed as being something that will depend on the path of your future and the right choice is necessary. Its Crazy to think that major life choices are to be made when you are at the young age of 16 where all you care about is having a good time.

Everyone knows that life isn’t simple. You don’t get what you want. Life throws hurdles left right and centre. 

I have always answered this question with “I don’t know”

But the thing is that I kinda do.

I want to be someone who makes an impression. Someone who will be remembered for doing something good.

I am going  to ‘Seek a greater perhaps’ (a bit of a John Green looking for Alaska quote for all you nerdfighters) and find my true calling.

I want to make a difference. 

no wait………..

am going to make a difference.