So I am a HUGE Mortal instruments fan and I waited what felt like an eternity to see this film.

I am a huge fan of the books and as it is well known in the fandom world. when you read a book before the film you are immediately setting your expectations high because of the literary genius of the author.

us fangirls/fanboys are constantly judging films on there books and most seem to be a great hit.

I was very happy with the cast for this film. I was looking forward to watching Jamie and lily. I had never heard of Robert Sheehan and at first was a little worried because I did not view simon the way that rob looked. but I warmed to him and in the film I thought that he rocked the part.

I loved how the film presented Cassandra Clare’s novel. it was quite different to the book. many people have had different views on the way it was made but I give it thumbs up. for me it being slightly different to the book made it more interesting. it was a different take on the book but still had all the key elements in it. Jace had the right amount of sarcasm, Alec was moody and yet his love for Jace was noticeable. Isabelle had the right amount of sassiness that made her character just AMAZING, simon was the misunderstood best friend that he was described to be and clary was, well she was awesome.

one thing that I did notice, and its just me be stupid was  that when valentine said “to love is to destroy” he didn’t finish of the quote. it is just a picky fangirl thing but it is one of my most favourite quotes. (though the all time best is “I’m a werewolf, not a golden retriever”)

all in all this film was just amazing and I recommend it to everyone. But you should also read the books because nothing is better then a book. and these books are amazing !! 😀