So I am writing this blog on my new laptop, bought just a few hours ago. But it was not an easy buy.

Me and my family arrived at the shop and went inside over to where the laptops where and started to browse. I was looking for something that I can use for college and for something that wasn’t to expensive since I am paying for it and a part time job doesn’t bring in to much money.

I saw a lonely Dell laptop at the end of an isle and though that it was perfect. it was modern looking but not to flashy. it was the type of laptop that a nerd like me would love. An odd bod in the world of laptops. But the man in the store just said it was old and slow and that “no one has dell laptops” which then talked my mum out of the laptop so I wasn’t allowed to go near that one again.

this may sound odd but I did feel sorry for that laptop. it wasn’t a new brand and therefore was frowned upon.

Its just how society is these days.

in the end I bought a nice red HP laptop and I do love it. Although we spent what felt like hours in the shop just wondering around looking.

If only shopping was easier.