There’s a saying that goes something like “if you do not succeed the first time then try again” but what 16 year olds received in there envelope this morning was not something that could be re-done if failed.

So for many today it is results day. The day where 16 year olds have to arise from there fitful slumber to go to their school, which some will be leaving after a long yet unforgettable 5 years, to get an envelope which contains the results that many have been dreading to see.

It is a nerve racking time for the young teens. The piece of paper is there life line. It will tell them if they are able to study there chosen subjects if they chose to embark on the adventure of sixth form or if they will succeed in getting into a chosen collage course.

But not only have the teens suffered from the nerves on such a big day but also the parents and guardians. They are the ones who sit nervously in the car (because there child doesn’t need to have their mom with them) or stood round the corner of the school. Anxiously chewing away at their nails as their beloved son and/or daughter receive their results. Parents stand in silence praying that there will be cause to celebrate and dreading the thought of having to be there for the disappointed child who didn’t get what was wanted and has to hold them as they cry and tell them it’s ok when in their heads are a abundance of questions about where to go from here, what to say, what to do.  

But we also can’t forget the teachers in all of this. They are the ones that taught the student all that was needed to pass the exam and are relied to help the child get the grade. You can just imagine the amount of nerves that kept them awake that night knowing that secretly there teaching will be judged but believing that their students have hopefully done them proud.

So. An anxious day for everyone. But at the end of the day it is what it is as we can’t change it.

And remember

Always be who you are   😀