I can feel the cold, rusty metal pressing against my hands. The coldness doesn’t bother me, neither does it bother me that I am alone, I am the tiny ant dodging my way to safety. I spend most of my time alone, not wanted at home, just a little girl with no place in this monstrous world. It’s cold outside but I don’t mind, I’m going to my friends. I’m going to be free.

  This is my refuge, sat on the lonely roundabout; the metal figures my only companions. Two unwanted creations to keep each other company through the days of endless wondering. I lean back against the Roundabout and close my eyes.

First there is only blackness as my eyes search the vastness of my eye lids. I only have to wait a few seconds and then it begins. In the corner I spot a small light, I reach for it with all my might and the further I reach the closer it gets. All the weight is lifted from my shoulders as I get closer. My Brian starts to swirl, colours explode like bursts of paint making a kaleidoscope work its wonders for only me to see. The metal figures come to life; they slowly move their heads, turning them this way and that, freeing them from their slumber. They all crowed around me there painted eyes aglow with the pleasure of being free, even when there freedom is limited, the sands of the timer are slowly running out.

The show begins then, the white horse rears up. Even though the paint is slightly chipped this doesn’t distract me from the beauty and brilliance of this little creature. I mount her saddle, it feels hard under me but I ignore it, I’m not going to let it ruin my bliss. I hold onto the cold metal of the horses neck as the horse starts to gallop off, my other friends at our heals.

We gallop through green fields; all I can do is laugh, my voice rising in pitch as we gather speed. The wind is tugging at my hair and rattles my ears, it hurts but I don’t want to stop. I don’t want this magical moment to end. When finally we do stop we stop under a tall tree. I look up into the high branches; the sun penetrates the areas of leafless branch creating a disco ball effect on the grass. Instead of the wind rattling my ears I hear the songs of a thousand birds perched high up in the trees, invisible to the eye. I know the tune so I start to sing it to.

The lyrics roll of my tongue as I sing them in my soprano voice. My friends sit and listen to me swaying like the leaves of the trees.

 Suddenly the birds stop singing and my voice is the only thing that breaks the silence. I know what this means. It means that the time is running out. Sadness covers my face and my eyes fill with tears. I try to hold the tears back but it doesn’t work. As a tear slips down my cheek the bear lifts his rusty paw and wipes the tear from my cheek. A stray piece of hair falls onto my face as I look into the bears eyes. He swipes the hair and says
“time to go Anna” his painted mouth in an ugly smile which I know he can’t help.

I just stare for a few minutes. The thought of going back to my life is almost horrifying. I don’t want to leave. I know I will be back again tomorrow where a new adventure is waiting but the pain of leaving hurts every time. It’s like someone has just punched a hole in my chest. I stand there looking at my friends as the background starts to dissolve, it’s slow at first and I reach out to grab my friends but all I garb is air. I flail my arms blindly as the kaleidoscope of colours slowly fading till the last little light has disappeared from existence. I am alone in darkness again. I keep my eyes shut not wanting to open them, to face the real, harsh reality of my life that I am forced to live. I am alone in darkness when someone taps my shoulder. I reluctantly open my eyes to see the shop keeper stood there with a stern look on his wrinkled, olive skinned face.

“Be on your way girl” he warns in a stern voice “you know what happens if you don’t”. I turn and walk away my hand still lingering on the cold metal until the man swipes it off and I make haste before he does something worse. I get to the end of the dirty street and take one last glance at my roundabout and my friends, sat stationary on the metal circle waiting for tomorrow’s adventure.